The Spring Bees of Peach Hill

Spring is a marvelous time to explore an old apple orchard.  Walking under the white blossomed branches it is reassuring to know that the flowers are abuzz with busy pollinators, ensuring a bountiful fall harvest of sumptous red fruit.  Peach Hill Park is one such abandoned apple orchard in the Town of Poughkeepsie, containing 10,000 trees.  The park encompasses 159 acres and is also is … Continue reading The Spring Bees of Peach Hill

Bees in the Butterfly Garden

Anne Odell Butterfly Garden – Fahnestock State Park – In a recent venture to The Hubbard Lodge in Fahnestock State Park, I explored a butterfly garden flourishing with beautiful native flowering plants. The garden was alive with tired butterflies sporting tattered wings, queen bumblebees fattening up for a long winter hibernation, and a diversity of solitary bees finishing up their nests.  This garden named the … Continue reading Bees in the Butterfly Garden

Early Spring Blooms Abuzz with Action

Early spring is a great time to begin searching for native bees and other pollinators of the Hudson Valley.   The first warm sunny days of March awaken the dormant flowers of the pussy willow, red maple and spicebush.  These three native woody plants, abuzz with activity, all thrive in or near wetlands and are an oasis of nectar and pollen that usher in a season … Continue reading Early Spring Blooms Abuzz with Action