Native Beeology has been unveiling the secret world of our native pollen bees and bringing attention to thier plight through a series of lectures.

  • “Native Bees, The Unstung Heroes” – An introduction to our native bees and the role they play in our local ecosystem.  This lecture will  focus on the diversity of bees that live in our region, thier life cycles, and how to attract them.
  • “Native Bees, Native Flowers” – This lecture will chronicle the seasonal blooming of our native plants and the pollinators that visit them with emphasis on our native bees.  Included are some of our agricultural crops indigenous to North America and the unique relationship between bee and plant.
  •  “An Edible Lawn for Pollinators” – Avoiding insecticides and herbicides is paramount to protect our bees! The perfect lawn is the imperfect lawn.   The broad leaved plants that grow among the grasses of our lawns are often considered “weeds” and are both attractive to pollinators and edible and very nutritious to people.  This program will take a tour of some common “weeds” and their value to both pollinators and ourselves.

School Programs / Teacher Trainings

Native Beeology has developed curriculum to teach students about pollinators.  A variety of hands on activities and games bring the world of native bees alive.

  •  This lesson will introduce students to native bees and their life cycles, with emphasis on how bees carry pollen. Participants will also learn how to enhance pollinator habitat including bee houses and pollinator gardens. Understanding their natural history is the first step to taking action on their behalf.

We are available to do presentations within the Hudson Valley.

To schedule the presentation please E-mail


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